Reza Sadeghi
Reza Sadeghi
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  • Reza Sadeghi, Faghat Goosh Kon (Album)
  • Reza Sadeghi, Mazeye Looti
  • Reza Sadeghi, Marde Divooneh
  • Reza Sadeghi, Begoo Kojaei
  • Reza Sadeghi, Bayad Miyoomadi
  • Reza Sadeghi, Ehsase Royaie
  • Arvin Saheb Ft Reza Sadeghi, Taraj
  • Reza Sadeghi, Faal
  • Man o Ma (Album)
  • Reza Sadeghi Ft Shahab Ramezan, Ba To Mikhandam
  • Reza Sadeghi, Paeez
  • Reza Sadeghi, Tanha
  • Fasle Bahar
  • Reza Sadeghi, Gole Nazam
  • Reza Sadeghi ft Mani Jami, Ghasedak
  • Reza Sadeghi Ft Pouya Nikpour, Kharej Az Tasavor
  • Reza Sadeghi, Rekhne
  • Reza Sadeghi, Havasam Behet Bood
  • Reza Sadeghi, Faghat Eshgh
  • Reza Sadeghi, Sade Tar Az Ouni Ke Fekr Mikardam
  • Reza Sadeghi ft Ali Beheshti, Majboor
  • Reza Sadeghi, Boghze Dobare
  • Reza Sadeghi ft Maysam Hajjar, Sade Tar
  • Reza Sadeghi, Mobtala
  • Reza Sadeghi, Bi Khodahafezi
  • Reza Sadeghi, Hamin (Album)
  • Reza Sadeghi, Banooye Man
  • Reza Sadeghi, Ba Ejazeye Khoda
  • Reza Sadeghi, Boghz Nakon


Reza Sadeghi (Persian: رضا صادقی‎, born 1979 in Bandar Abbas, Iran) is an Iranian pop singer and songwriter.

Sadeghi belongs to the new generation of pop singers who emerged in post revolutionary Iran. He gained popularity among young Iranians.[2][unreliable source?] His most famous song is "Black is the color of love" (in Persian "Meshki rang e eshgheh"). His first song was created in 1992. His latest album was released in June 2011 "Dige Meshki Nemipoosham".

In an interview with Tehran TV program "Shabe Shishei", Reza Sadeghi explained that as an infant, due to an extreme fever, his penicillin shot was botched.[3] At first he was completely paralyzed but he eventually gained the use of almost all his muscles except for those in his leg. For this reason Reza Sadeghi must use a cane when not sitting.

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